TransPrk is a type of excimer laser treatment which is carried out without touching the eye at all (no touch technique). It is applied with the Schwind Amaris laser device. It is the preferred method for patients with problems such as a thin cornea, or in cases where the surface of the cornea is steeper than normal, and for patients undergoing laser surgery for the second time. It is not suitable for very high refractive errors, but gives very good results especially in low degree myopia. The difference from PRK is that in Trans-PRK there is no need to weaken the epithelium with an alcolhol solution and remove it. This procedure is done by laser beam. Without lifting a flap, laser treatment is applied directly to the cornea. Compared to PRK, Trans-PRK postoperative period of pain is shorter and the patient’s vision reaches the desired level within 4 weeks.