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Schwind Amaris Laser Device

Op. Dr. med. Akın Akyurt

Op. Dr. med. Akın Akyurt

Let’s get to know the properties of the laser device we use :

The  German made Schwind Amaris excimer laser device  which we use in our Veni Vidi eye hospital is the latest generation laser device and unlike any other laser device, it is capable of correcting near vision in the same session as it corrects far vision.

Its speed is considerably high compared to other lasers and because of its rapid treatment ability it achieves a smoother treated surface.   The special scanning system (eye-tracker) means that if the patient moves their eye during treatment the procedure continues uninterrupted.

In addition, the special adjustment feature tracks the rotation of the eye around its visual axis (cyclotorsion) and controls the angle kappa (the angle formed by the pupillary axis and the visual axis at the centre of the pupil) and thus provides perfect positioning on the treatment area.

Schwind Amaris is the only device that can perform the TransPrK laser method, where the eye is truely untouched (no touch technique).

In the procedure of corneal cross-linking, used to treat Keratoconus, the additonal clip palk option can be used to improve the patients degree of vision.  This feature is only available with this device.


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Schwind Amaris Laser Device