Op. Dr. med. Akın Akyurt

Op. Dr. med. Akın Akyurt

PresbyMAX (near vision without glasses)

Are price tags fuzzy? Is it getting harder to read a menu or a newspaper? Starting from the average age of 45 it is completely normal for near sight to deteriorate.

After the ages of 40-45 near vision becomes increasingly blurred and reading glasses are required. This condition is called presbyopia, price tags become fuzzy and it is difficult to read a menu or newspaper. It becomes impossible to see the time or write a message on your mobile phone or even see the keys. This is all quite normal, it is not a visual defect, the lens of the eye loses elasticity with age. As a result, eyes are unable to adapt to different distances.

Presbyopia is most commonly dealt with using multifocal (Varilux) spectacle lenses or multifocal contact lenses. With an operation multifocal lenses can also be placed inside the eye. However, not everyone can not tolerate contact lenses or also they may not wish to undergo a complex eye operation.

PresbyMax is a laser treatment, and the entire process takes only a few minutes. The lens of the eye is not touched or changed. Instead, the surface of the cornea is shaped in an extremely sensitive way using laser beams.

PresbyMax laser therapy can be applied to all patients above the age of 40 who can either see distance or not, but have begun to not see well close-up and have passed the suitability test. If the patient has disorders such as astigmatism or myopia, these can also be permanently corrected during the same session.


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