Phakic IOL

Op. Dr. med. Akın Akyurt

Op. Dr. med. Akın Akyurt

Phakic IOL is the procedure whereby a soft lens material similar to a soft contact lens is placed into the eye.  This operation is done when excimer laser treatment is not possible due to high myopia and hypermetropia, or when the cornea is too thin.

The eye’s natural lens is untouched while inserting these lenses into the eye.

One of the most frequently used of these lenses, which are placed in the eye exponentially, is the   anglesupported anterior chamber phakic intraocular lens  (alcon cachet phakic IOL). The size of the lens is calculated according to the measurements of the eye, which are calculated before surgery. Another intraocular lens ICL is a lens that is placed over the patient’s transparent lens like a cap. All of these intraocular lenses do not have to be removed daily like contact lenses, they require no special care and cannot even be felt in one’s eye.

Eyes with phakic lenses are not an obstacle for any laser operation or cataract operation that may be required later.


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