Low Vision Aids (telescopic glasses for low vision)

Vergrößernde Sehhilfen

Vergrößernde Sehhilfen

Low vision occurs when even with the best glasses it is not possible to read close-up and see details in the distance , the level of vision loss is to such an extent that normal daily life is obstructed. The sight of the patient has generally dropped  below 40%.  It occurs most often due to  age-related macular disease, bleeding behind the eye due to diabetes, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa and other degenerative retinal diseases.

To improve the sight of patients with low vision, special lenses are required, which magnify the image and bring it closer. Lenses are available  that have the power of magnification  and these are mounted on special glasses.

Along with telescopic spectacles,  hand-held magnifying glasses and electronic reading devices are also available.

Patients who are albino or suffering from night blindness can find comfort in special filter glasses which dispense the blue light which is harmful to the retina (Edge filter with Blue Blocker).

The type of device needed by  each patient  should be decided on by an experienced ophthalmologist, as a result of a detailed examination.